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Hirokawa T., Boon-Chieng S., and Mitaku S., Bioinformatics, 14 378-9 (1998)
SOSUI: classification and secondary structure prediction system for membrane proteins.
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Mitaku S., Hirokawa T. Protein Eng. 11 (1999) Physicochemical factors for discriminating between soluble and membrane proteins: hydrophobicity of helical segments and protein length
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Mitaku S., Hirokawa T., and Tsuji T., Bioinformatics, 18 608-16 (2002)
Amphiphilicity index of polar amino acids as an aid in the characterization of amino acid preference at membrane-water interfaces.
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Related papers

Mitaku S., Hoshi S., and Kataoka R., J. Phys. Soc. Jpn 54 2047-2054 (1985)
Spectral Analysis of Amino Acid Sequence. II. Characterization of &A-Helices by Local Periodicity
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Yanagihara N., Suwa M., Mitaku S. Biophys Chem. 34 69-77 (1989)
A theoretical method for distinguishing between soluble and membrane proteins
Mitaku S., Ono M., Hirokawa T., Boon-Chieng S., Sonoyama M., Biophys Chem 82 165-71 (1999)
Proportion of membrane proteins in proteomes of 15 single-cell organisms analyzed by the SOSUI prediction system
Mitaku S., Hirokawa T., Ono M., Genome Informatics, 9 367-368 (1998)
Classification of Membrane Proteins by Types of Transmembrane Helices Using SOSUI System
[Full Text(PDF)]

Hayashibe T., Hirokawa T., Mitaku S., Genome Informatics, 11 416-417 (2000)
Novel Index of Polar Amino Acids Characterizing End Region of Transmembrane Helices
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